Change is good

From the Owner:

Brett A. Riesenhuber, OwnerHello and welcome to Achievement Fitness, formerly Prime Physique Fitness!

It's been nineteen years that we've been doing business as Prime Physique Fitness (Specialists) and it became evident that not only were we evolving to stay ahead of the industry with world-class programs, it was time to represent these changes at the core of our business...our name.

Changing the name of our company is a big undertaking, but one that we firmly believe better represents who we are, what we do, and what our clients accomplish.

At Achievement Fitness we provide our clients with "More than just a workout."  And that is our motto, our goal, and what we do.

Anyone can put together a 'random' workout, and unfortunately many do just that.  The general public does not know the difference, and loves the idea that every day is a totally different workout, but the elite personal trainers world-wide know the difference. 

We know that every workout should NOT be different. We also know there MUST be a proven, scientific system in place that provides a foundation for functional movement (with and without limitations), progressions and regressions for every single exercise to accomodate ALL levels of fitness so that the body can change - move better, build strength, decrease body fat, increase muscle definition, recover, and perform better overall...all without injury.

A random "workout of the day" does not provide that and tends to lead towards long term injury.


That leads me to the next reason for the change in our company name and image...Injury, Pain, and Movement Issues.

The training system I've spent a lifetime developing, crafting, and perfecting is constantly evolving, and designed to help our clients in ways that reach far beyond weight loss...though that is the most prevalent goal and result (on the surface).

We customize EVERY program for each client based on their goals and how they effectively move.  Movement is a critical factor in any exercise program and is often overlooked by average personal trainers.

Let me give you an example...

How well do you squat?  Can you comfortably raise your hands over your head and squat down below parallel (your upper legs getting parallel with the ground, or a bit lower) while staying on your heals?

Go ahead and try it...stand with your feet parallel and spread apart shoulder width, raise your arms above your head and straightened, and squat as deep as possible.

If you made it below parallel, chances are that you are clear for squatting.

If you did not make it, your knees collapsed together, or you fell on your ass...then you are not cleared to squat and need corrective work.

An average trainer would say that you just are not strong enough yet, or you just need to learn how to squat correctly.  But what's missing is you have a movement pattern that is not firing correctly and you need to be properly trained to get your body to move and work the way it is designed to do.

And you MUST do this corrective work BEFORE you start to add weight to the pattern in question (the squat for this example)!!!

Not to worry or freak out...We've got you covered.

Integrated within your results driven program, we add these corrections.  So you will not only achieve your goals, but achieve goals you didn't even realize you needed to have.

This is a very small part of what we do at the new Achievement Fitness...and thus the reason for the change.

We will help you to understand how your body moves, how to correct movement patterns, and get you the results that you are looking for, all with adding safety, support, encouragement, and scientifically designed methods for producing twice the results, twice as fast.

Call today, and find out how you move...and how you can move better, feel better, look better, and perform better - all while achieving your goals and obtaining RESULTS!