Circuit Training in San Jose

Do you want to burn a lot of calories AND fat from your body, get a flatter stomach, firm up your rear, tone and shape your arms, and get into great shape FAST?


Circuit training is a great way to burn calories and fat from your body in a short amount of time...AND it is FUN!


Brett Riesenhuber, innovator of private circuit training in San JoseMy name is Brett Riesenhuber and I opened the doors of Prime Physique Fitness in San Jose, at the border of Los Gatos, Willow Glen, and Campbell, back in 1997.  We were San Jose's first private personal training facility based in circuit training for weight loss, and have not give up our dedication and focus since.

Well things have changed a lot in all these years, but the basic principles of circuit training are the same...

Workout hard, change up the exercises constantly, get into a semi-private personal training program, and get awesome results!

Now that we are past 2010 my original program has evolved into the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint, the hottest personal training program in the South Bay Area.

One of the principles I based the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint Program on was the good old circuit training program we did way back in 1997...

Only now it is about 100X BETTER and gets even better results now because I pumped a TON of New, Cutting Edge Techniques, Results Getting Accountability Programs, and Prime Physique's Total Support System into an already awesome program

Feel free to browse the site, check out the weight loss blog, head to the main San Jose Personal Training page to watch a quick video about the program, or just click the contact button below to schedule your FREE Fitness Test Drive of the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint Personal Training Program (call it San Jose Circuit Training on Steroids!)...(oh...seriously.. no steroids;-)!


Brett A. Riesenhuber, B.S., C.P.P.T.
Master Trainer
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