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Los Gatos Personal Trainer (and native), who shed 50 pounds of body fat with his new Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™, gets hundreds of raving clients fit and lean would like to know...

Have you had enough of paying for a gym membership that does not give you the best personal trainers or the fat blasting results that you need to get back into your 'skinny jeans' and look HOT this summer?

Well When You Learn The Secrets Of The Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ Personal Training Program, You Will Be SHOCKED At Just How Easy It Is To Strip Off Massive Amounts Of Fat From Your Hips, Thighs And Belly While Getting Fit For Spring And Summer of 2009!

Then It Is Time For You To Have An
Trying To Get FIT!

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My Name Is Brett Riesenhuber and I have been helping people in Los Gatos just like you to get fit for more than 20 years. Los Gatos is my home town and one of my favorite places, so helping you get fit is my thing! You see, I know how you feel and what it takes to commit to losing the fat and getting fit because I have been doing it all my life.

I am not the gifted athlete, or the genetic freak with the natural abs. I love great food and fine wine, and I have been out of shape...Even as one of Los Gatos's Top Personal Trainers I always have to work at it and stay (or get back to being) focused...Just take a look here:

Personal Trainers Have To Workout To Be Fit Too!

So I developed a program that is solid and works to not only get my clients fit, tone, and lean, but it changed me!

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Does any of this apply to YOU...Time For A Personal Training Program That Works

Personal Training in Los Gatos CaliforniaTired Of Not Being Happy In Your BIG Clothes?
Find Your Skinny JeansDo You Miss Your Skinny Jeans?
Training ButtonWinded Walking Up Stairs...If You Ever Use Them!
Personal ButtonLooking For The NEXT Fat Loss Pill?
Fitness CampbellSearching For The Next Crappy Infomercial Product To Buy!

You see, there is no magic pill or potion that will burn the fat off. I do not even recommend ANY of the so called 'fat burners!'

And I get my clients to do this:

Michele Lost Weight With Personal Trainer Los Gatos

"With my wedding coming up I wanted to look the best that I possibly could.  Brett and his program made such a difference for me.  On my special day I was looking and feeling happy and healthier than ever before.  Thanks Brett!"

- Michele Biggs,

Would you believe me if I told you that my Ultimate Fitness Blueprint program would actually:Get Fit In Los Gatos Today!

Personal Trainer BullettEliminate Boring Cardio Exercise?
Personal Trainer Bullett
Stop the FAT STORAGE Hormones that are messing up your weight loss?
Personal Trainer Bullett
Place you with the Top Personal Trainers In The Area in a BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE Fitness Center?
Personal Trainer Bullett
Be able to Comfortably Afford AWESOME Results?
Personal Trainer BullettGet You Into Shape THIS YEAR?!?!?

Guess what! My New Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ Personal Training Program is the answer to your fitness and weight loss needs...AND my private personal training facility is very conveniently located right next to highway 85.

Smaller sizes with a personal trainer in Los GatosCALL: 1 (888) FIT-TONE
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Fitness Test Drive!

Are you still wondering just what this program is all about?

Actually it is quite simple...

So What is this Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ thing all about anyway?

I designed this AWESOME program to accomplish several things in one awesome program and in just ONE Hour Per Session:

Campbell BulletWork With TOP Personal Trainers In A Private Fitness Center!
Campbell BulletDump Boring Cardio Work...No More Hours On The TREADMILL!
Campbell BulletBuild Your Metabolism STRONGER Than You Thought Was Possible!
Campbell BulletNo More STUPID Diets That You Can't Follow Anyway, Just Great Guidelines To Get MASSIVE Results!
Campbell BulletBurn Up To A WHOPPING 759 CALORIES In ONE Workout!
Campbell BulletGet You Tone, Lean, AND FIT!

Just take a look at what the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ Program has already done for my very satisfied customers:

Steve Epedendio Lost Weight With Personal Training in Los Gatos

Los Gatos Personal Trainers Got Results

Sound Good?!?! Get Results NOW!
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Lose The Weight With A Great Personal Trainer

"I lost more than 40 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 8!"

-Linnea Emery

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Need more convincing? Try this out...

I WILL GUARANTEE My Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ Personal Training Program Works!

No Other Personal Trainer In
Los Gatos DARES to Make This Offers:

Los Gatos Guarantee For Personal Training

Now the weight is all on my shoulders, excuse the pun;-) I am completely confident that you will love this program and get AWESOME results!

CALL: 1 (888) FIT-TONE
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"Fitness Test Drive!"

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Quit Procrastinating!

Quit Throwing Your Money Away On Ineffective Programs and Gym Memberships!

Get Staggering Results in 2011!

My Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™
Is WAITING for you!

Your Personal Trainer,
Brett A. Riesenhuber
Brett A. Riesenhuber
Prime Physique, LLC.

P. S. If I had a pill that would get you into shape, I'd be rich!

You have to work for your results, AND you can achieve AMAZING Results while having a BLAST in the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ Program at Prime Physique!

Call us at 1 (888) 348-8663, that is 1 (888) FIT-TONE, and we will start you off with your FREE "Fitness Test Drive" of the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ Program so you can make the decision if it is right for you.

P. P. S. Just remember...I GUARANTEE your success in this program!

What do you have to lose...


Follow my program for the next 30-days and if you do not agree that the Ultimate Fitness Blueprint™ is the program to get you fit, I will refund all of your money. Just give it a shot and work hard, and let me "prove" my system to you over the next 30-Days!

AND don't forget the second part of my GUARANTEE…if you EVER gain the weight back after completing my "Life Long Fitness Program," we will train you for FREE until the weight is off again!

All the pressure is on me! You have nothing to lose..except the fat. So call us now at 1 (888) 348-8663, that is 1 (888) FIT-TONE.

P. P. P. S. Because of the incredible results achieved by my clients in this program, spaces are filing up FAST. Right now we only have 6 spaces left. So if you hesitate on this, you may just miss out. Call right now and schedule your first appointment…


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